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That Improve Employee Retention and Productivity

Invest In Your People.

Grow your Business.


Attract, develop, and retain employees

Your team is your biggest revenue generator and your biggest expense. Employee engagement and satisfaction increases revenues and decreases costs.

Deploy a robust employee growth and development program

By providing meaningful personal growth and professional development opportunities inside your organization, you will retain employees longer and attract new ones more easily.

Use Lecticon as a trusted learning and development partner

Lecticon provides you a full team to act as, or with, your Chief Learning Officer to assess, plan, produce, and deploy your customized team engagement learning program.

You get
what you need!

Engage Lecticon and implement a strategy and we guarantee:

  • Increased productivity
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Better employee retention
  • Enhanced corporate culture

Choose Where You Start

Lecticon makes implementing a team development program easy with its strategic services and tactical tools. We have a “personal touch” approach to help develop a program customized by you for your organization

Employee Retention

Our employee retention strategic services include:

  • Engagement audits
  • Strategic consulting
  • Fractionalized Chief Learning Officer

Tactical Deployment

Our tactical deployment tools include:

  • Comprehensive learning management systems (LMS)
  • Customer branded app access to the LMS
  • Training design and production services

What Our Clients Say About Us.

Hi, I just went through all of the content uploaded! It looks great! The “Check-In Introduction” was INCREDIBLE!! The explanation and details provided legitimately brought a smile to my face. And I loved the Our Values video using current materials. It feels authentic and like it is just an extension of the Orientation process! I got excited!”

Client launch
20 locations, 1,800 employees

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