Our Services

Strategic Services

Lecticon offers training and culture assessments, strategic thinking, and execution planning and production services. Assessments are an easy way to get started. We will dig deep to learn what’s working, and not, and develop a plan to help you engage, develop, and retain employees.

Have you ever asked yourself
these questions?

How do I reduce employee turnover?

How do I improve weak company culture?

How do I increase employee engagement?

How do I create a learning program?

How do I improve my outdated learning program?

If so, let us help.

We will assess your current employee learning and development program and customize a plan based on your specific needs

Employee Onboarding and Training Assessments.


Engagement Audits
  • Onboarding
  • Training Plans
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Cultural Health


Assess existing programs
  • Written and personal surveys
  • Content and delivery review
  • 1-4 week engagement


Written assessment of findings
Recommendations for enhancement

Employee Growth and Job Development Opportunities.


Strategic Consulting
  • Onboarding
  • Training Plans
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Cultural Health


Provide strategic consulting services
  • Outline and define program objectives with leadership
  • Develop engagement plans to meet objectives
  • Outline steps to implement plan
  • 2-4 full-day engagement


Written employee engagement plan

Employee Training Plan Implementation


Fractionalized Chief Learning Officer
  • Act as CLO to implement learning and development plan
  • Supplement existing HR or learning team


Act as outsourced learning and development team
  • Assess existing programs
  • Prepare learning and development plan
  • Implement and manage employee training
  • Monitor and assess results
  • 6-12 month engagement


Successful employee engagement plan

Tactical Deployment

We bring tactical tools to any engagement to implement learning plans for onboarding, personal growth, and professional development include:


Comprehensive, client customized learning management system (LMS)

  • Training organization and delivery
  • Course administration and tracking
  • Engagement reporting automation

App Access

Simple, client customized app access to the LMS

Production Services

Customized training production services


Existing subject matter expert learning materials and courses


We have vast experience in helping companies implement successful learning and development strategies. We take pride in our work and are committed to ensuring our clients obtain a measurable ROI.

Practical Feedback

We provide practical feedback and guidance that allows you to make improvements where needed and measure results.