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LMS stands for learning management system. A LMS is an online technology used by organizations or instructors to create content, adminster training, track usage and learning and report results of training or education.

An LMS works by systemizing then automating what business enterprises used to do by hand and then by spreadsheet. An LMS organizes educational content and training and automates delivery and reporting to learners online. Content such as video, quizzes, documents and even simulations are delivered to learners automatically online. Administrators are able to analyze learner activity within an LMS through automated reports. An LMS will provide a more effective, simple and accessible on-boarding and training process for learners and managers.

Although each organization has unique needs and circumstances the answer is likely yes. You can contact us to learn how our LMS can help your organization specifically. Listed are various areas a LMS can help improve within organizations,

  • New hire on-boarding
  • Employee retention
  • Organizational alignment
  • Employee development
  • Employee training

In order for an LMS to be the most effective, it must be customized to the needs of the organization it’s servicing. Look for a LMS that can be effective yet affordable, and a provider who is willing to work with you to target your specific needs.

If you have a message, presentation or training event that you want to share with the world, you can record and stream the event in full-motion hi-definition video. Lecticon provides the tools for you to limit your audience to clients only or open the webcast to participants around the world. Lecticon has pioneered strategies to cost effectively webcast your events capturing presenters and their presentations for a better-than-live experience at your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Yes, by 2020 Google and Adobe will no longer support the Flash format. Lecticon can help you convert Flash training to HTML5 which is the default format for google.

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