Case Study:

Haven Healthgroup

Boost Employee Morale, Effectiveness, and Training for Career Paths

Haven Health Care is a pristine care facility that offers an exceptional healthcare experience for its patients and their families. Haven Health partners with their resident’s doctors and other outside healthcare providers to offer personalized care services to help the residents reach a full recovery. Haven Healthcare even handles scheduling follow-up doctor visits and arrange transportation to and from the appointment.

Long-Term and Rehab care facilities historically have a high turnover rate. The Haven HR team set an objective to show their loyalty to the 2,000 care professionals on their team by providing career path training and support to provide new hires with lifelong growth and employment opportunities.

Haven management’s philosophy is that when the care professionals on their staff are well cared-for, the residents in the facilities will also be well cared for.

The program envisioned by Haven’s management would require significant investment into talent, technology, curriculum, instructional design and technical support.

Haven management recognized that in order to meet its objectives, developing an in-house team would take time and a significant investment would be required in management and instructional talent, curriculum development and  ongoing support.

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Projected Project ROI
Project Name

Custom Learning Tools


Haven Healthgroup

Project Completion:

October 2022

Our approach:

Haven engaged Lecticon as a fractional learning and development team

Lecticon's consulting team conducted an initial audit to determine the tools required to meet the objectives.

Lecticon provided change management consulting to improve engagement with the new career path approach.

Lecticon’s instructional design team created scripts and courses tailored specifically to meet the short term needs. In addition, Lecticon developed a roadmap to support the long-term needs and objectives for Havens care team professionals.

I was dazzled by the brilliance shown by Lecticon's implementation team!

Jerome, Employee Engagement Director

Ted is da bomb

Angelina, Learning & Culture Manager