Biometric Authentication

Lecticon is the exclusive provider of eProktor, the world’s first and only facial recognition integration into a Learning Management System.
Generate new, profitable revenues by offering the ability to provide third-party proof of identity and attendance for courses that require it. Add certification as an up-sell to your current courses and deliver higher reliability while protecting the value and integrity of your courses and credentials.


Use eProktor to verify that the student registered for the class or taking the test is the same student that logged in. eProktor provides a simple report of violations based on parameters you set.


Working from home, on the road or in the office is now more secure and safe. Stolen passwords or computers left on and logged in are not a problem with eProktor. If the person sitting in front of the computer is not the same person who logged in, you can terminate access instantly and automatically.


Compliance with privacy laws such as HIPAA or access to sensitive information is now safer than ever. You can be sure that remote users, vendors and providers are authorized to access information, submit, change, edit or download files.

How it works:

A student participating in a course triggers a random authentication event. Without warning a pop-up box appears on the user’s screen. The student has an administratively specified period of time to look into the camera. The eProktor System creates a mathematical model of the student’s face and compares it against models constructed from photographs in the student’s profile created at the time of registration. The authentification event is recorded in the student’s gradebook as a pass/fail. Notification emails are sent to the student, the instructor, and to the administrative personnel when the student fails to be positively identified by the system.

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