Lecticon exists to enrich lives and enhance livelihoods by creating, delivering and monetizing meaningful, immersive online training. We guarantee great pricing, fast delivery and verifiable results for our partner clients.

Lecticon Core Values

Immerse / Enrich / Improve
Fair / Honest / Consistent
Aware / Attentive / Proud

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Lecticon gets the job done for those who are cost conscious and desire meaningful results.


Headshot of Ted Paulsen

Ted Paulsen

Headshot of Ed Giles

Ed Giles

VP Program Sales
Headshot of Brett Paulsen

Brett Paulsen

Sales Director
Headshot of Angie Dufrenne

Angie Dufrenne

Training Developer
Headshot of Kyle Moon

Kyle Moon

Technology Director
Headshot of Karter Ockey

Karter Ockey

Marketing Media Specialist
Headshot of Johnny Paulsen

Johnny Paulsen

Account Executive

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