About Us

Why we exist.

Lecticon exists to enrich lives by helping clients develop personal growth and professional development strategies and by providing effective and efficient learning tools to implement learning plans.  By implementing custom learning plans, employers can better attract, engage, develop, and retain employees.

How we operate.

Lecticon lives by core values that it brings to every client engagement. These values include:

Show Up

Be available and reliable in each engagement

Listen up

Be respectful and attentive to client needs

Be Practical

Adapt when needed to deliver on client customized needs

Deliver Value

Provide meaningful personal growth and development opportunities

Make it Personal

Provide each client with meaningful personal

Make it Easy

Easy to say yes, to implement, and to grow

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Our guaranty.

Lecticon promises each client that it will live by its core values. If we fall short, you as our client are invited to call us out.  If we don’t address your concern immediately, we will work diligently to finish up any outstanding deliverables and waive any remaining fees.

Our history.

Lecticon has been providing online training for over 15 years. It all started with safety training delivered to first responders and high school students throughout North America. Over the years, Lecticon has delivered additional trainings to veterinarians, dentists, doctors, fortune 500 company employees, and entrepreneurs around the world. Client curriculum includes subjects such as mental health, wellness, leadership, driver safety, plant safety, and medical, dental, and veterinarian continuing education, among others.

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Our studio.

To better meet client needs, Lecticon has a production studio on site in our Draper, Utah office where we routinely produce both live and on-demand content.  If you can’t make it to us, we have a traveling production team that can come to you to make you look and sound great.

CEO message.

People matter. Sometimes we, as business leaders, get so caught up in the daily routine of strategizing, planning, selling, and fighting today’s fires that our team members get unintentionally passed over.

It’s time to focus on each person’s personal growth and professional development in our organizations.  Individuals deserve more than we have delivered in the past. Each deserves to be welcomed in, instructed on how what we do and how we operate, educated more fully on their roles and responsibilities to be successful, and recognized for their contributions.

Let us help you develop and implement a program to develop your people personally and professionally that will let each know you care about them. We’ll do the heavy lifting to provide you with more time to be personable with your team. 

Ted B. Paulsen

Our clients.