What skills and knowledge do your learners need?

A well-designed curriculum for online learning enhances both learning and retention. Lecticon will support your organization in defining education and training priorities, developing engaging curriculum, and assessing competencies.

Creating instructional materials is both an art and a science.

Traditional learning activities, such as lectures and textbooks, have limitations. Students need opportunities to practice and reflect frequently in order to solidify new concepts in their long-term memory. Lecticon provides online solutions that allow instructors to intersperse activities with their content for immediate application opportunities and better retention. We plan, design, and implement fully customized online instruction, webinars, and presentations for technical and nontechnical audiences.

Blended Learning

We routinely combine in-person and classroom-based instruction with eLearning, media-rich content, and virtual classrooms to provide a robust, blended solution.

Instructional Design

Create new materials and enhance existing content

Webcasts and Webinars

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Real-time Assessment Tools


Customizable, media-rich, interactive lessons and supplemental materials

Virtual Classrooms


Engaging, video-based instruction

Learning Environments

Synchronous and asynchronous online learning environments

Multimedia presentations

Supplemental Materials

Participant workbooks and self-study materials